Creation Clic System, unique interlocking planks for a quick and easy installation with no adhesive

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What makes Gerflor a unique
and valuable partner for all its
customers is our company’s
commitment to go far beyond
its role as a flooring manufacturer,
to offer more and more
complete solutions to our
markets and our customers.

 Attraction Looselay Tiles

   Attraction® Looselay Tiles


 Tarabus Self Adhesive Kit

  Tarabus Self Adhesive Kit System



Gerflor has invented new installation
techniques, such as:

  • Attraction, GTI, Creation Clip
  •  System: looselay installation
     with no need for adhesives.
  • Tarabus Self-adhesive Kit
    system for bus and coaches:
    ready to bond, no curing time,
    easy to use.
    50% time saving versus standard

 Connecting Profile

  Connecting Profile

 SPM - Wall protection & handrails

  SPM - Wall Protection



Gerflor has gathered the most
comprehensive range of interior
finishes including wall covering,
skirtings, adhesives, tools, SPM wall
protections and handrails. A fantastic
opportunity for our customers to
have a combined and complete offer
for both floor & wall. All from one
trusted and recognised supplier,
reducing customers times and effort
in the procurement process.