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 Our everyday commitment: making our customers' lives easier



 The only way to service 4000 customers
  in more than 100 countries is to have
  a worldwide network of factories,
  warehouses, administration and
  transport partners.
  Our customer service and supply chain
  is dedicated to delivering the right
  product to the right place on time
  every time.

Gerflor Logistics

Gerflor Customer Services  




 Our technical department assists our
 installers all over the world with
 those big jobs and specific events.


 Gerflor has developed a complete
 training offer, for both:

  • young apprentices to become
    professional installers
  • skilled and experienced installers
    who want to know more about
    specific techniques or new
    installation solutions.

 All these training sessions take place at the
 Gerflor Technocentre, a builing dedicated to
 technical training and expertise.

 Gerflor Technical Support

 Gerflor Training